101clothing.com - Hip Hop Online Clothier

This project wasn't the ordinary e-commerce website. We really took this one to the next level so to speak! Our client asked for a website that would enable users to directly get to certain areas of the site with the least amount of clicks. This task sounds much simpler than it really is. When the inventory count is over 15,000 and the category count is over 300, you better believe that this task was a difficult one! Nonetheless, Growarock.com doesn't give up easily, our determination is greater than most! We needed to understand first the market in order to understand how to achieve the requested goal.

"Knowledge is power" - Francis Bacon

Our Analytical team set up to compile a document that would list the most popular sections within the hip hop industry and in doing so to compare it against the current category list provided to us by the client. This document would illustrate what sections could be a sub-category or sub priority in terms of level of importance. With this information, our Creative team was able to draw potential layouts to determine the best design that would allow for the highest productivity in sales.

Going back and forth between designs for sub-categories and product detail pages, we found the right layout that would build the foundation of this website to reach its potential. Many hours of development went into customizing the backend, which for the client was a must! There were many features the client needed in order to run the daily operations of the business. Our Development team were clear on the requirements and set off to do what they do best, develop!

-- Happy clients are our forte!