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The Client asked us to develop a website that was the best of the best. When a client asks you to create the best website that exists it is like asking to build the best looking building in the world. It's quite impossible and most likely there will be something similar out there even if we don't know about it yet. Nevertheless, we discussed layouts and user capabilities with the Client and set off to create the best website ever built.

The customization of the website was not super intense on this particular website as the Client didn't have any major issues with the streamlined process of information delivery. The customers shopping did need an easy navigation system so that customer could easily find the right loan. Our approach was to have a calming effect when browsing the many different loans.

The Client also asked us to create several forms for unique portions of the web-site to allow users to fill out important information so it can be reviewed on a case by case basis and determine the most appropriate loan for the customer. Working with this Client was very calm in the framework as this is the Client's natural effect. Overall, the Client was happy with the end result.