Med Center Pharmacy - Online Pharmacist

Another great project to take on for Med Center Pharmacy was a pleasure to work with. They asked for a site similar to other pharamcy stores online, of course with a twist of their own. Our excitement with this project is that it educated us with how the pharmacy industry really works. Filling prescriptions and re-ordering prescriptions were a must have for this Med Center. They expressed a real interest in providing consumers with a lower cost product for the same exact product and their intention was to start off with local areas such as California, Arizona, Washington and surrounding states.

The Owner's father drew a sketch of a Logo and he was really adamant about having us create a logo exactly as it was drawn. To this day, we haven't realized why the logo was so important to be as it was drawn, but the motto that the customer is always right is something that we can't argue with. We actually thought the logo was really on point! Regardless, we finalized the logo and moved on to the layout. This website too was built on Magento's platform and thus needed much customization.

Our developers worked diligently to create the concept into a reality. When the job was done, we were relieved as the project was heavily content driven and the modifications were abundant, but necessary. The client was happy with the end product and asked us to implement an SEO plan to take effect immediately.