Blackberry Curve Powers Off By Itself, How to Fix This?

First you are going to go to the Tmobile website

This will pull up a page that will list all of the blackberry devices such as BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220, BlackBerry Curve 8320, etc. Select your blackberry device, in this case the curve and click on 'get software. A pop up screen will come up and ask you for your mobile number. Type in your mobile number then hit enter. The pop up window will now show the software that is available to download. You will first select the Desktop Manager Software. You want to save it to your desktop so it is easy to find. Once it downloads, you will double click the file you downloaded. It might ask you to un-zip it. go ahead and select run once it is done. This will pull up the the Install Wizard on your computer.

Follow the instructions.

When it asks for your name and organization, You can enter in your name and home computer. hit next. You want to do a Typical install and you want to set it up for the Blackberry Internet Service.

NOTE: If you are running any anti-virus software it might flag this as a malicious script. Go ahead and allow it.

Once it is done installing, you DO NOT want to launch the desktop manager. Now you will go back to your pop up window to get the handheld software. Download it to your desktop and then double click it. This will install it into your desktop manager. Once this is done installing, you do want to launch the Desktop Manager.

Now, for the fun part.

With the desktop manager open, you will now connect your blackberry to your computer via the USB cable. If the manager is showing disabled or disconnected, go up to option and select Connection Settings. You will see a drop down menu box. You want to select the connection: USB - PIN you will see your PIN number here. Then hit ok. Your device should then be connected.

Now that your are connected, you may see a pop-up screen to update now. If you do, select that. If not, click on the application loader. You will hit next till you see a screen that shows you the applications to be loaded onto your device. You want to make sure all application are checked except DOD Root Certificate and UK language support.

NOTE: If you do not check everything else, you may lose an application on your device.

You will then hit next and it may prompt you to auto back up your information. You want to do this. if you do not get this screen, you will go into advanced and select Erase all currently installed applications Once you hit next here, you will start the upgrade process. This normally takes 20 to 30 min. It may take longer

Walla ! Your Blackberry phone is now fixed!

 If you have Questions, feel free to ask -- contact us here.