ROCK CMS Platform

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ROCK Features: Base Platform

The process of reading a lengthy manual is no longer needed with the ROCK! Editing content such as uploading item photos, inventory management, adding a menu to the navigation or simply editing a page is only a couple of clicks away. The ROCK backend serves a dual purpose, to decrease the time spent on figuring how to use the system and allow more time for the website owner to focus on marketing their business.

ROCK Features: Security

The ROCK is versatile as it spans across service and product driven websites that require the stability of a secure backend. It is built using an encryption that thwarts Virus Attacks and Malware, protecting the data and the integrity of the system as a whole. This will make it very difficult for hackers to hack into the website and with Shopping Cart added, an extra layer of protection is added through SSL technology.

ROCK Features: Reporting (coming soon) n

Website owners need Statistical Data to comprehend their websites' traffic, interactions and results. The ROCK will deliver necessary reporting such as Acquisition, Audience, Behavior and Conversions right from the backend of the ROCK, which avoids having to log in to Google Analytics (Google's software that reports statistical information) separately for the same information.